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CASE STUDY: Steve Pearl

Steve Pearl is a full-time mediator resolving all types of employment law disputes, including: Discrimination, Harassment, Retaliation, Wrongful Termination.


In just a short amount of time we have made Steve Pearl Mediation’s business process flow smoother and set up a campaign that has generated new leads. We have improved productivity and performance with an intuitive CRM that better tracks and manages leads and customers

Steve Pearl

Web Design

With a modern innovation and new initiatives, we have built a website that ensures Steve Pearl Mediation stands out from his competitors.

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Custom CRM

With a custom-built CRM, we have improved Steve Pearl’s business process and get better organized. They’re more efficient with their time by collecting client data, keeping track of schedules and notes. Our dashboard allows them to follow up on client activity and communication in one place.

Steve Pearl
Steve Pearl


We continually innovate to enhance Google Ads performance and launch a campaign is targeted towards our client’s goals. With our approach they have noticed an increase in leads and revenue.

Steve Pearl

Business Cards & Stationary

We designed a modern and unique brand identity design that boosts their business and them to the next level.

Steve Pearl

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