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Business Intelligence

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Supply Chain Management and Optimization

We offer a software automation that allows you to monitor the millions of supply chain events as they occur on a day-to-day basis and receive notifications that allow you to take proactive, helpful actions to improve inventory control, and cycle time inconsistency and warehouse productivity. Benefits that come along with supply chain automation are: suppliers can ensure fulfilment activities are executed according to expectations and inventory arrives on time, allow carriers to ensure pickups and deliveries occur on time as promised, and allow your buyers to ensure orders are accepted on time and raise critical awareness if suppliers are unable to fulfil the complete inventory needs.

Inventory Management Optimization

Inventory optimization begins with knowing what you have and managing it well. From receiving through consumption, easily maintain all aspects of your inventory and get detailed information regarding tracking, counting and reconciling throughout the development. Update operations at distribution, storage and manufacturing locations, retail stores and facilities of any size.


Whether you're moving from one platform to another, ETL, or Database Consolidation, we have the experts that can help you migrate your data accurately and consistently.

Dashboards and Scorecards

If you need to make sense of your data, our experienced consultants can help you set up reports, dashboards, scorecards, and visualizations that will help your organization see your data more clearly.


Whether you're analyzing customer data, crunching sales numbers or monitoring supply chain operations, apply analytics to all your data to get the most accurate answers. The answer to your questions often lie within the heaps of data across multiple databases and systems. We have the business and technical expertise to work with your data. Let us help you find answers to your most difficult business questions.

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