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Case Study: RAK

RAK is a manufacturing company with a distinct marketplace located in Mexico City. Their primary focus is to build tables and chairs for restaurants and hotels. The Web Corner has been working with RAK with a variety of projects since 2014.


Within 6 years we have helped Rak increase leads using PPC and SEO. We have built multiple Spanish websites that are accessible for users in Mexico. Our custom CRM and Lead Management System has made it easy for Rak to track and follow up with current or previous leads.


Web Design

We enjoyed taking on the task of building an international website. We have given Rak the ability for users in Mexico to customize their tables with the use of "Arma Tu Mesa", allowing them to mix and match tabletops and pedestals. With a modern and fresh design, Raks leads have increased immensely. .

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We have managed ads and search engine to drive relevant traffic in the international marketplace. We have successfully increased online visibility, traffic and leads via Google.com.mx


Multiple Sites - Domesitic and International

Language is not a barrier for The Web Corner. Whether it may be English or Spanish, we have integrated our methods from the US market, and applied our technology for international clients.


We are proud to say that not only do we build relationships with our clients, but our clients are able to work together on projects as well. Our client, Miro Restaurant in DTLA, was developing their new restaurant and Avenue Lighting and Rak were the perfect match in completing their look. With the combination of Avenues fixtures and Raks chairs and tables they were able to complete the modern look.


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