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CASE STUDY: Online Notary Center

Online Notary Center is an electronic notary platform, providing the public with a secure and dependable solution for legally notarizing documents anywhere, anytime.


Over the past year, we created the electronic notarization system that Online Notary Center utilizes for its customers. The website features unique accounts for customers and notaries, advanced video chat technology, and secure storage of customer documents. As electronic notarization grows across the country, we’ve ensured Online Notary Center has the tools to lead the industry.

Online Notary Center

Web Design

With our easily navigable website, users can immediately connect with certified notaries. We’ve increased sales and assisted customers nationwide with getting their documents notarized instantly.

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Notary Rooms + E-sign

Virtual notary rooms meet multiple state guidelines and incorporate live video streaming, authentication software, dynamic PDF generation, and an array of useful tools for signing and notarizing. We designed custom eSign technology, allowing users to send and sign agreements from any computer device.

Online Notary Center
Online Notary Center

Adobe PDF Documents

Using SSL digital certificate technology, every signed document is securely sealed to prevent tampering after signing.

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