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CASE STUDY: Moore Martini Medical

Moore Martini Medical helps you get paid through their Revenue Cycle Management process. They take care of your billing and collections, so you focus on your dental medical practice.


Over the past 12 years, we've been their go-to-team for marketing and online solutions. We built a site for users to be to easily learn more about the Dental Billing Services, log in and pay their bills and sign up for seminars. Moore Martini's CRM has given them the ease to manage and track their leads and accounts.

Moore Martini

Web Design

We built an engaging website that provides clients for an easy user experience. Our web design is mobile-ready, maximizes performances and conversions for all devices.

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We have eased the work for Moore Martini Medical by creating a CRM that ensures they are organized, and up to date with tasks. The CRM has allowed them to track the status of leads, prepare custom emails for specific clients and follow up on milestones. With their dashboard, it isn't capable for them to miss a ticket or task.

Moore Martini
Moore Martini

Email Marketing

We provide all the tools necessary for a successful communication basis. The email campaigns keep the audiences engaged and builds strong customer relationships. It enables MMM to communicate with Doctor's through a smooth platform.

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